Valhalla Full Bundle (Win)

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Valhalla Full Bundle (Win)

June 3, 2019 Compressors delay Delay Effects EQ Mastering Mixing Reverb TOP 10 Valhalla VST Windows 32
Valhalla Bundle


  • Valhalla Full Bundle 
  • ValhallaVintageVerb, ValhallaRoom, ValhallaShimmer, ValhallaUberMod, ValhallaPlate, ValhallaSpaceModulator
  • Jul/2019 (Updated + ValhallaDelay)
  • 64-bit (VST, VST3, AAX)
  • Windows: 7,8 and 10
  • Instructions: Attached


32 Responses

  1. etheric says:

    Mac please!!

  2. junior says:

    add arcade for windows

  3. V.G.H.M.N says:

    can you get this for Mac pls thanks

    • admin says:

      They are already “here”. Just search for it 🙂

      • Schnai says:

        I want to thank you first, I do not know the ultimate goal of this site, I do not know who is behind these fucking VST cracker, but you change the course of the history of these fucking BEATMAKER who are all eager to have a lot of money to buy these VST, I do not even speak of those who live in poor countries like me but who all have the dream that the world knows they exist, I only hope that you do a real job with a lot of integrity and character and you are authentic in what you do. What you do is purely human, it’s called “sharing” what we have with those who do not. A lot of respect for you. Thanks again ADMIN!

  4. Vinay says:


  5. cris says:

    shimmer for mac? Thanks

  6. aiz says:

    Mac please

  7. chamito says:

    si me funciona vuelvo y te doy una donacion por que quedare muy agradecido

  8. chand records says:

    Thank you for giving such a nice software.

  9. chand records says:

    Thank you for giving such a nice software.thank you

  10. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. ?

  11. shimmer for mac ? pleaseeeeeeee

  12. Rich says:

    thank you

  13. onemix says:

    hi guys pls caan some help me with Magic AB plugin pls. pls if you pls kindly help me to send to my mail. [email protected]. stay bless.

  14. matheus lopes says:

    Seu site é incrivel ,muito incrivel ,tudo simples demais <3

  15. MR MOU says:

    MAC please

  16. Jim says:

    Dude i freaking love you!

  17. NwanatiMusiQ says:

    Can we Get Verbsuite Classics?

  18. I really appreciate this site, because a lot of people like me can’t afford all these plugins, and this is a great source for free versions! Thank u <3

  19. Hannier says:

    Muchas Gracias

  20. Léury says:

    Eae guerreiros do audio kkkkkk Acabei de descobrir como fazer meus próprios equipamentos MIDI, como o intuito do site é ajudar os produtores, resolvi compartilhar o q tenho aprendido, caso tenha interesse eu explico pelo whatsapp de boa… (021) 9 8902-4794. um MIDI de 1.000 fica por uns 200 reais.

    Synth, teclado, batera, launchpad, EQ, COMP.. e esses parangolés todos q tem nas DAW`s

  21. AhWoo says:

    After downloading this, only Valhalla Delay and VintageVerb appear in my DAW. Does someone know why?

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