Waves 10 Full Bundle (Mac)

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Waves 10 Full Bundle (Mac)

September 3, 2018 Effects Mac VST 123
  • Waves 10 Full Bundle (Mercury, SSL, Abbey Road, MultiRack and +)  – EASY INSTALL
  • Waves
  • 2019 – 10
  • 64-bit – VST, AU and AAX
  • Mac OSx  10.12, 10.13, 10.14 Mojave Fixed
  • Instructions: Just run the installer, wait, restart your computer and enjoy. 


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  1. fortgunner says:

    i have a mac and when i try to download this it gives me a windows file?could u upload the mac version or send it to my email please thankyou

  2. medea says:

    It’s amaᴢing in favor of me to һaѵe a web page, which is valuable in support of my еxperіence.
    thanks admin

  3. Nihit das says:

    Thnks bro

  4. Dan says:

    Can you fix the link. It is not working.

  5. Dan says:

    I tried to follow the instruction but it states my mac version is not compatible as it is old. It is when I am trying to due the offline installer I am on the latest version 10.14.3

  6. dave says:

    thank you !!!! 😀

  7. Hang says:

    My mac os 10.13.6 , and i downloaded and opened , it just only an offline installer inside and nothing can be install ,
    Do you know what’s my problem ??


    • admin says:

      Go to Applications, Waves Central -> Offline Installation and then open OFFLINE INSTALLER at your desktop. Install whatever you want to.

  8. NajwaFerkih says:

    When I finished the installation, and I open wavesLicenseEngine, he opened on my project when I clicked on the plugins for example (Studio Rack …) open a folder on my project ” Pleasw LOCATE waves 9.6 Folder plug-ins ”
    On Logic pro x & Cubase 8 elements

  9. azdine says:

    Thnks ? but Studio Rack (no plugins) ? help !!

  10. zb says:

    thanks worked well for me 🙂

  11. Gabriele says:

    macos 10.14?

  12. Gabriele says:

    i’ve a big problem. i’m using macOS 10.14 and waves central says me i’m using macOS 0.0, resolved please, i need this plug-ins

  13. Jamzy says:

    this is the best site ever. thanks guys y’all doing it

  14. SAT says:

    My mac version is not compatible. When I’m trying to use the offline installer. I am on the latest version 10.14.3 Help!!

  15. Rioh says:

    Man you make my day!!! jajaja amazing work… after some time looking to get the complete wave bundle you are the only one who deliver easy dowload/installation. I have been trying some of them (tehere are manyand just downloaded) and all work perfect. Thanks for this great support.

  16. berak lancar says:

    i have an issue, after the download, when i open “Easy Setup.pkg” it says that “Easy Setup.pkg can’t be opened because it is from an undentified developer”, can someone figur it out this?

    • admin says:

      Important note: If you received the following message:

      “Can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”

      Go into: “System Preferences” > “Security and Privacy” > “General” and “Allow” the installation with “Open Anyway”.

  17. Alex says:

    Hello and thank you for your work !

    when my mac restart what do i have to do ?
    I don’t find anythink like a wavesLicenseEngine or an offline pack ?
    please help ! I replace my computer and lost all of my 9 free bundle !

    Thanks !

    • admin says:

      Just enjoy my friend. If you have it previously installed, be sure to have removed all the old files or conflict may happens.

  18. hardbart says:

    Thank you very much indeed. It worked perfectly well. I followed all the instructions, including grab yourself a coffee and relax and it all worked just as you said. Great job! Again thank you!

  19. manni says:

    please will this work with a mac 10.11.6 and why is taking for ever to download….help admin….

  20. Tbmbyx says:

    Hello 🙂 great upload thank you so much. I noticed however that my AR TG mastering chain is missing all modules and my studio rack plug in does not recognize other plug ins. Any fix? Thank you again.

  21. Gabriel says:

    Please! I’ve installed but it only appears/work on Logic, it doesn’t on Pro Tools 12. What do I Do??

  22. Maxou says:

    Just thanks for everything ! You helped me a lot !!

  23. Clément Berthié says:

    You are my hero ! Thank you thank you thank you !!

  24. Vegasofthenorth says:

    You Sir are a gent!!

  25. Juan says:

    I tried this with Pro Tools and it is not reading the plug-ins.

  26. Ricky says:

    Should I uninstall my last version of waves before I download this one ?!

  27. John says:

    Wow!! he’s the best.. Thx bro I appreciate it

  28. ANGLADE says:

    The link is dead…

  29. Moki says:

    could you please fix the link? 🙂

  30. DJ Dank says:

    Very good, please for 32 bit computers, it’s just that my MacBook Pro 15 is from 2009 and it only has 32 plugin support, please help:(.

  31. zay says:

    could you fix the link

  32. Ed says:

    Thank you!Very much!!!

  33. fenshui says:

    after i installed it says to find some folders how am i suppose to find it ?

  34. Eli says:

    Hey, this is great. Why don’t the Version 9 plugins work though? Only the Version 10 plugins works…

  35. jam says:

    this link work?

  36. kratos says:

    hi, can you please tell me if it has all the plugins for vocal mixing? like f6 dynamic EQ, debreath, compressor, waves tune real time, vocal rider, desser, CLA compressor etc?

  37. Siempre says:

    this download link is too slow 🙁

  38. kelly says:

    can u give me faster link???

  39. geegeewonders says:

    hi, the download link is super slow. can you post a new link?

  40. Matt says:

    It worked thanks! My only issues are there are no modules in Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain and in Scheps Omni Channel and the plug in Cobalt Saphira isn’t working either. Theres several others that have issues but I don’t care about any others. I have a license to Scheps Omni thats legit but i deleted it (it’s backed up), could I delete and then re download Scheps perhaps? or will it cause a conflict??

  41. Sinny says:

    Hey, izotope ozone 8 link is broken. Ty for all your work btw.

  42. ROSIER says:

    Are you planning to have a Pro Tools version for IMac.

  43. Victor Trejod says:

    Hi. I’m using Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and I was able to download and install it without any problem but in Logic Pro X some plugins couldn’t be validated. Do I retry installing it all over or does it have to do with my version of OS? Most of them are working properly when I use them.

  44. Macabee says:

    Anyway we can get a version 9 link or plugins from that bundle? please and thank you?

  45. Mac says:

    Anyway we can get a version 9 link or plugins from that bundle? please and thank you?

  46. 90 says:

    This is amazing! But the download link is very slow! Can it be updated?

  47. SangoBingo says:

    Antares Harmony and Choir plugs or full bundles for MAC Please?

  48. Ghost says:

    For MacOS Catalina please..

  49. PATHTH says:

    Download link ‘Available soon’
    plz open link plz ..

  50. rya coo says:

    Plsss get this for mac

  51. Fab says:

    Pleaseee link

  52. omar al-fadhil says:

    plz download plz plz plz plz

  53. SAM says:


  54. David Szederjessi says:

    please upload a link

  55. leury says:

    alguém pode mandar pra mim por favor? estou precisando muito.
    [email protected]

  56. odinnnssss says:

    yo i neeeeed that [email protected]

  57. Marcus says:

    Thank you for sharing ! You guys are the best my 10 is still working but definitely Waiting for the update! 11

  58. Marcus says:

    Thank you for sharing ! You guys are the best my 10 is still working but definitely Waiting for the update! oh and will studio rack work for new version in 11 I never got it t work in 10 ! Thanks for the great work you guys do for us

  59. KanyeWestIsThBest says:

    hello from russia 🙂

    please upload a link

  60. 이규범 says:

    Please send me the MAC version of V11~
    [email protected]

  61. Sessions says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  62. Robert Lujan says:

    please update mac link 10.11

  63. Robert says:

    can you please put up mac version for 10.11


  64. chuck says:

    I need these ASAP

  65. Tito says:

    Link please!!!

  66. Oli says:

    HI it says available soon. Is there a way to download now? Thanks

  67. 政炫 seong says:

    i want you need you.


  68. shnelper says:

    would love a link, please

    [email protected]

  69. ame says:

    Please Link.

  70. damien says:

    please upload

  71. ame says:

    Please Link for MAC

  72. Nanasai says:

    Please Send me the email [email protected]

  73. Alex says:

    [email protected]. email link please

  74. Osei says:

    Can you email [email protected] link

  75. kk says:

    When this will be available?

  76. safs says:

    could someone send it please?

    [email protected]

  77. Saleh Mo says:

    please email to me too at [email protected]

  78. Inti says:

    please update mac link

  79. Jacob says:

    will you send me the Mac version


    [email protected]

  80. Ole says:

    Please open link! Much needed

  81. Sean Savy says:

    If you have an updated version can you email it please? [email protected]

  82. tim says:

    hey can you send me a email link?
    [email protected]

    and thx for your great work

  83. Andrey says:

    When is it available again?

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