Soundtoys Ultimate (Mac)

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Soundtoys Ultimate (Mac)

September 5, 2018 Effects Mac VST 64
  • Decapitator, Crystallizer, Echoboy, Filterfreak 1 + 2, PanMan, PhaseMistress and Tremolator
  • Soundtoys
  • 4
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Mac OSx 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Instructions: attached


64 Responses

  1. unknown pro says:

    before saying anything i shoud tell you that u guyz are awesome n thz for letting people use this vst,daw etc

    this vst is not being recognised by my daw(ableton)
    dont know why i dont find it even after going to preferences and refreshing the vst browse folder

    this vst in vst folder(system-library-audio-vst)looks different i think that may be the reason

    plz help me with this ……tysm

  2. mmtmixes says:

    10.14 PLEASE

  3. withme says:

    please win10 …….

  4. piotr says:

    “account is blocked” !

  5. dirty says:

    hi your website is sick I love it
    ive installed sound toys but I can’t find the plugins
    CUBASE blacklisted the 32bit version but I can’t see the 64 bits in my DAW?

    can u help with that?

    thank you guys

  6. GG says:

    Hi thanks for putting it out!
    I’m having a problem in activating 32 lives. It says it needs “online activation” where it asks for an email and password…
    Is it possible to get some help on that please?

  7. Omer says:

    32 lives couldn’t sight soundtoys plugins

  8. Valerio says:

    In the last step when i try to resurrect plugins with 32 lives, It shows me zero plugins to resurrect..

    • admin says:

      Just restart your mac and them you will find all plugins.

      • joey says:

        I can’t see the components in 32 lives either. I tried restarting my Mac

        • admin says:

          1st: Check if Soundtoys Components are available at: MACHD:/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/
          2nd: Reinstall 32 Lives: Very important to copy License.bin (2nd STEP Folder) to “MACHD:/Library/Application Support/32Lives/” before STEP03 – there is even a shortcut to make it easier for your. πŸ˜‰

  9. MAT says:

    You Guys Are SO Freakin Amazing Thank You For All The Plugins you provide here … Can You Guys Try To Upload Soundtoys the windows version?

  10. cookie says:

    OMG! this site is GOLD!!!!

  11. Sushi is the best says:

    Thanks again, really appreciate your work! I’m a musician and I’m a freshman to this industry, therefore, I dont have that many clients that pay me enough to buy all these plugins. This website really helps me get through my rough time.

    Thank you to this website and all those genius ppl, so I will be able to do so much more creative stuff and not worry about what should I do without all these plugins or VST.

  12. lixfe says:

    hey, i just can’t found the component or vst in my folder, i restarted my computer and nothing appear..maybe mas osx 10.9.8 can’t read it?

  13. RASTY ICE says:


  14. Radical dude says:


    Thank you so so much for this guys! You deserve the best for all the plugins posted here, you saved my life right now.

    I’m now the happier bedroom music producer with these gifts, thank you so much sincerely!

  15. Andrew says:

    got all plugins up and running execpt the Speed plugin. Any tips on how to fix it?

  16. amir says:

    can’t download

  17. John says:

    Please help when I try direct download it comes up with “Safari Can’t Open the Page” How to fix ?

  18. Emanuel says:

    hey direct download not working? server/timeout issue i think! thanks so much

  19. Zak says:

    Link broken at the moment!

  20. Papo says:

    Great site to learn plugins. Thanks Admin!

    How to get AAX and RTAS??

  21. Moritz says:

    Guys please help me out here,
    did all the steps but Ableton 10.0 cant find the plugins altho
    they in my VST folder and I did everything just like described..
    32 live resurrected the plugins but ableton still cant find them..

  22. suo u says:

    just have to write there – thank you

  23. Marty says:

    pls fix link I can’t download

  24. Cat-Man says:

    Thxxx so much for your hard work of bringing these plugins, plz if u can upload soundtoys 5 with littlealter boy for mac

  25. KΓ‘ says:

    First, thank you very much for create this site. Can you fix this link and the ozone 8 advanced please?

  26. Ressaver777 says:

    Speed pls. Downloading 10 kb\s

  27. Milbo says:

    the download won’t start on my macbook, what to do’+

  28. Dreamer says:

    Thanks! When will it come to OSX 1.15?

  29. Marc says:

    Hi , when I “Run 32 Lives installer and restart your computer” (STEP 03) , I’m asked to put my email and password , and authorize.

    Cannot complete the installation , please help !

  30. emanuel says:

    hi , can’t download it , is it working?

  31. ealvs says:

    Hey man ! I tried everything … The plug ins can’t be validated by Logic Pro X … ;( ;( ;(

    Thanks for your response πŸ™‚

  32. Soundboy says:

    Wow!!! I was looking for this for years.
    Thank you soooo much!!!!!

    Unfortunately I can’t open the dmg. Get something like missing file system error.
    Any idea?
    Could you maybe upload it as a zip file?

  33. plazbo says:

    love ur site, I’ve successfully installed several vsts but this one I can’t seem to install correctly. I downloaded 32 lives and resurrected other vsts. however before that when I’m installing the pkg file for sound toys bundle for mac it says “this package is incompatible with this version of Macos and may fail to install”

    I continued anyway but then it says installation failed.

    I’m on macOS mojave 10.14.6

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