Roland Complete 2019 (Mac)

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Roland Complete 2019 (Mac)

June 2, 2019 Mac Synths VST 36
Roland Cloud Complete
  • Roland Cloud Total – Legendary (Jun/2019)l: 
  • D-50 Ver.1.06
  • Roland JUNO-106 Ver.1.04
  • JUPITER-8 Ver.1.06
  • JV-1080 Ver.1.05
  • JX-3P Ver.1.00
  • PROMARS Ver.1.09
  • SH-2 Ver.1.11
  • SH-101 Ver.1.12
  • SRX DANCE TRAX Ver.1.01
  • SRX KEYBOARDS Ver.1.01
  • SRX ORCHESTRA Ver.1.05
  • SRX WORLD Ver.1.01
  • SYSTEM-1 Ver.1.10
  • SYSTEM-8 Ver.1.31
  • SYSTEM-100 Ver.1.08
  • TB-303 Ver.1.01
  • TR-808 Ver.1.04
  • TR-909 Ver.1.04 
  • Roland
  • 64-bit (AU/Component)
  • Mac OSx 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Instructions: Attachedl


36 Responses

  1. paul says:

    Thank’s to you all.

  2. admin says:

    The plugins are installed at: “MAC HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components” – Check also if your DAW has AU (Audio Unit) function enabled. 🙂

  3. tob21 says:

    thanks! please next Synthi V and CZ V

  4. Juan says:

    thanks! are we going to get auto tune any time soon?

  5. MT says:

    I can’t find the plugins on my macbook or Ableton?

  6. Jorge says:

    Thanks you very very much !

  7. selim says:

    thanks to you all. its great.

  8. Tib says:

    Thanks guys but the link doesn’t seem to work now 🙁

  9. yoyoo says:

    refresh pls :'(

  10. Aleksandar says:

    Can not download it are links still active?

  11. Leo says:

    Thank you!!!!?

  12. Richie says:

    And Thanks Admins… nice cold beers for you to say thanks properly when I see you in a pub!!!!!!

  13. JRE says:

    Noticed that the Juno 106 doesn’t seem to have all presets. Am I missing something?

  14. Pardeep Kumar says:

    Hi. I love this Site so much. Most of my plugins are downloaded from here, infact. Please upload the “Win” version of this whole Roland Vst Bundle.

  15. moshe says:

    win please

  16. seto says:

    Also need a win version thanks a lot for all of this!!

  17. biotrip says:

    Wow wow wow!!! There are some of the most quality synths for computer use! Many thanxs

  18. Royalak says:

    win version plz!

  19. bernardotheonly1 says:

    Hi guys, I can run the Roland Complete 2019 on my Macbook (Sierra).
    But on my iMac under the High Sierra OS (10.13.6), just after clicking the ‘install’ button, this message appear :
    “This package is incompatible with this version of macOS and may not install.
    Installing this package can damage your system and fail. To stop the program and installation, click on “Cancel installation”.”

    So, as i’am dumb, I click on “Install Anyway”, then the installation process start and at the end an error message appear :
    “Installation failed.
    Setup encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software publisher for help.”

    May be the program can’t be run on High Sierra 10.13.6, but on the description of your program it’s written “Mac OSx 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14”. So I don’t understand, have you encountered this kind of problem guys ? Is there any solution ?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks a lot to your team for your work.

  20. Giet says:

    Please, have you a version for Mac OS Catalina 10.15 ? Thanks

  21. renascentist says:


    i’m currently driving a 10.14.5 OS and seems to be that i keep getting the message about compatibility, specification says that it should work on 10.14. Does it mean that 14.5 goes out of range? If so, is there any hack to pass this problem? Thank you for the efforts, lots of great vsts all around!

  22. Shaq says:


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