reFX Nexus (Mac)

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reFX Nexus (Mac)

November 15, 2018 Mac Synths VST 113
  • Nexus
  • reFX
  • 1.4.1
  • 32-bit and 64-bit (AU/Component)
  • Mac OSx 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Instructions: Attached
  • Important:  
  • 1. Start up your music software (DAW) and load reFX Nexus. 
  • 2. An error should pop up stating that the Nexus content could not be found.
  • 3. Don’t worry, hit “OK” and navigate to HD/Library/Appplication Support/reFX/Nexus Content/Samples/Rom/ 0TestTone.nxs
  • 4. Select and open “0TestTone.nxs”
  • 5. Enjoy.


113 Responses

  1. Wunn says:

    Dear Admin ,

    Can you upload for nexus contents?
    Your link is excluded nexus contents.

  2. lord says:

    Pro tools for mac pleassssssssss 🙂

  3. leo says:

    super ! please platinum notes

  4. A producer says:

    pls fl studio for win

  5. jimmy says:

    W O O O O O O O O O W

    This is Unblivble , i searched all of sites for find sylenth and nexus crack for mac , couldnt find correct link or download them included alottof steps and buy premium ! but now this site ASUM , tnx Much , i alwase check this site !

  6. Genoveffo says:

    When nexus 2 for mac?

  7. Genoveffo says:

    Nexus 2 for mac?

  8. A says:


  9. Rek says:

    Works like a champ. Thanks

  10. Jj says:

    Will you upload Autotune Pro for mac soon ?

  11. anurag mishra says:

    i followed all steps correctly but when i oprnrf nexus in logic it says ” nexus content not found ” please help admin

  12. D1 says:

    No Nexus Content?

  13. Anonymity :) says:

    Hi, Admin:
    First of all, thank you for all the Plug-Ins and Effects that you offer on this page, which is the first one I visit ; )

    However, and despite the instructions coming with the installer and others, and I’ve realized that people have been able to follow the steps mentioned there, and get reFx Nexus to appear ready in their DAW, I always I’m standing still at the moment when you have to do all the mess of 32Lives! I have to put my mail, data, name, crack it …?
    And the same thing happened to me with Sylenth 🙁

    Could someone answer this message indicating step by step, directions, etc … what needs to be done so that reFx Nexus is ready to be used, please?

    Thank you ; )

    • admin says:

      No – you don’t have to inform any personal data. Probably you are doing something wrong in the second step:
      STEP 02: Run Keygen and copy generated license file (License.bin) from Desktop to

      /Library/Application Support/32 Lives

      !!Important: /Library is not your user library (/Users), but the main one which is located at: MACHD/Library

      • Anonymity : ) says:

        Thanks, Admin! You were right, hehe. I only stayed in step 1, without attending step 2, or I do not know. But thanks again! It presents good graphics, speed, and does not consume CPU at all (or so for now 🙂 )
        Keep it up ; )

  14. Kyfo says:

    any news about Nexus 2

  15. tefo says:

    it work´s for Mojave?

  16. stan says:

    Hi I’m having a problem finding the 32 lives folder underneath application support. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      Yeah: Probably you are at the “wrong place”. Go to -> Finder, Go to -> Your Computer/Mac HD, -> Library and Application Support 😉

  17. Ajotta says:

    Muito bom meu amigo!!!

  18. BCPX says:

    thank u so much bro.
    But one folder is missing “Content ” folder , there is only Nexus Content folder

  19. Ben says:

    Hello admin i followed your instructions and nexus is running on my daw, however the “Nexus Content” folder is on my desktop and i don’t know where to put it so i can access all the presets and samples ect, do you know where i can place the folder in the right place? or is there something im screwing up.

    • admin says:

      Hy bro: “Nexus Content Folder” must be placed at: MACHD/Library/Audio/Application Support/reFX/ 😉 The installer is supposed to do that automatically. Check if the folder is already there. Tks 😉

      • Ben says:

        it was telling me to look for some weird file after i did all that but it works now, thanks so much!

      • Kirill says:

        Hi, admin! Awesome Nexus crack! Great job!?
        But despite that there is one issue…
        I’ve installed this VST into my FL Studio and it works well! Plugin itself, default presets and stuff.. cool
        It’s not enough use only default presets to make cool trap music so I’ve downloaded some “Trap packs” with hundreds of sounds inside, dragged it to Presets folder and it appeared in Nexus!
        But every time I double click on these sounds, Fl studio just suddenly shuts down and report window occurs!
        By the way, sometimes 32live’s program window appears as well and tells me like check out “download manager” (whatever it is?)..
        Help me please with this problem! I can provide any screenshots! I would appreciate it so much!!!?

  20. Irhan says:

    help me! I can’t resurrect Sylenth1 on 32lives.

    • admin says:

      Clicking on “RESURRECT” button. If it’s not available, just restart your mac and then, you will find it.

  21. Iron says:

    Hi! Admin:) Can you upload for Scarbee Funk Guitarist(macosx)? I love this vst <3
    thank U 🙂

  22. omar cartonio says:

    thanks bro

  23. Lune says:

    Dear Admin,

    You guys are awesome!!

    Thank you so much

  24. palyaccooo says:

    Dear Admin.. What is WİP?

  25. Claudio says:

    Hi, you are the best all around the world 😀 can we also have the expansions???

  26. unknown says:

    it actually is legit. Nice thanks!

  27. lewis says:

    Can you do FL studio? I think a lot of people would like this 🙂

  28. Kiss The Chef says:

    Going through a divorce man, you legit saved my life

  29. danielthaking says:

    yup tankxxx

  30. Daniel says:

    I am still waiting for Nexus 12 rsrs

  31. mathias says:

    Dear Admin, please upload Nexus 2 for Mac


  32. Lee says:

    Dear Amin,

    thank you for all the plugins & your hard work, is it possible to get Nexus 2 please? if not thanks anyway

  33. thato says:

    Thank You.

  34. sebnico says:

    Works perfectly alleluya 🙂 If Mojave, I noticed that you have to resurrect the plugin in root mode. Hope we will find a solution for avenger, this one is so tough… thanks!

  35. DJ Dank says:

    When I opened the plugin in Ableton live 10 it did not show up and I’m using a 32 bit MacBook Pro and it still doesn’t show up any help and plus where is Serum.

  36. Alex says:

    Best site I’ve ever seen! Protect it at all costs
    Really dope work bro

  37. Gr4vity says:

    Hello dear Admin

    First I want to thank you for publishing this plugin for free. However I am having a lot of trouble loading the plugin in FL-Studio 20 Mac. I can’t find it under manage plugins. I can’t find it in any way… Can you please guide me, it doesn’t show up even though I have carefully followed all your instructions.

    I would appreciate your help, thank you in advance.

  38. Genoveffo says:

    Any news for MAC Nexus2?

  39. from poor man to the admin says:

    thank you man

  40. Rene says:

    I Can’t download this. This link is not available…”the site do not answered”. 🙁

  41. Jesus says:

    Dear Admin:

    It appears that the link provided to download the macOS version of Nexus doesn’t work at the moment.

  42. semih says:

    64 bitteworking?

  43. Al says:

    Hi admin!!!
    Thanks for all.

    Would you be able to incorporate the Xfer Serum and lfo tool into the web? Thank you!!!!!

  44. Alphonso says:

    Please crack :

    Mastering the Mix – Bassroom vst for mac
    Newfrangled audio – Elevate for mac
    Antares – Auto Tune EFX for Mac

  45. sandro says:

    cheers from indonesia

  46. Jima says:

    Can you guys please do Serato DJ pro?

  47. Ruben says:

    All the work you put into this is awesome , thank you so much! I have a request as well, could you get us, serato sample for mac ?

  48. stylez89 says:

    Would love to see Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 pop up on the site. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do!

  49. Anonymous says:

    omggggg I love you guys thanks for everything

  50. sancho says:

    Mixed in key studio edition please.

  51. Rysiu says:

    Good Job!

  52. Rysiu says:

    Good Job man! I appreciate it!

  53. Tree says:

    thanks a lot my man. god bless your family everyday of your life

  54. Aliya Rockind says:

    Can you please do one for Serum!! Would be so much appreciated!!

  55. Dreadz says:

    Please post some version of Nexus for MAC.

  56. Alex says:

    link please~

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