Pro Tools HD 12.5 (WIN)

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Pro Tools HD 12.5 (WIN)

October 10, 2018 Audio Editor DAWs Tools Windows 80
  • Pro Tools HD 12
  • Avid
  • 12.5
  • 32-bit and 64-bitΒ 
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10


80 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    Thank you so much. Admin please post Pro Tools for Mac also.

  2. leonardo says:

    For Mac peaseeee!!

  3. r says:

    Thanks a lot to upload, If it’s possible, upload the pro tool (Mac) Plz…. T.T

  4. Anirban says:

    Thank u sooooo much!!!! Plz upload Cubase latest what u can….i have version 5 x86 and want a x64 version…plzzzz

  5. Yisheng says:

    Lovely upload! Thanks a bunch and it’ll be cool if you can upload for Mac please!!!

  6. Jize says:

    My guy!!!! You are so awesome, a life safer, may God bless you with your amazing work.
    What’s your email address and let me donate for your amazing work and assisting producers like us? Thanks Alot.

  7. Mike Powell says:

    YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!! you should be paid very well for your talents sir!!!! As a matter of fact, If you send me a place to send it to you,I would love to make a donation to the cause!!!! Any donation would only be a fraction of the cost of these vst’s. I cant help but TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE GUY ABOVE ME IN THE COMMENTS…I bet if you created a way to donate and make it voluntary,more producers like myself would LOVE TO DONATE,MORE THAN YOU PROBABLY IMAGINE. You are doing the worlds underground producers a gigantic service which ends up literally as music in all of our ears,not to mention help getting artists a way to be heard by being better produced. In todays music industry,IF YOU DONT HAVE THE CASH,YOU DONT HAVE A CAREER!!!! Which is very sad,because their are so many talented artists and producers that would never get to make music if not for your talents sir!! On behalf of all of us underground producers who have to work regular jobs just to support our families and spend every cent of extra money doing our thing, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! One more thing, can you please work on a Mac version of halftime, and again…..THANKS!!!!!!

  8. anony says:

    we need pro tools for mac still

  9. kenzo says:

    Any update On the Mac version? Peace bro.

  10. Juan Ignacio says:

    increible! gracias totales

  11. Half Jack says:

    You where sent by the most high God to answer a producers prayers.. Greatness is what you are

    Thank You Mr Admin Sir..

  12. PARTH says:

    SIR……….PROtools for Mac please

  13. Shameer says:

    Plz upload cubase pro for windows plzzz

  14. Hamad Almanea says:

    Plz for mac ?

  15. Dave says:

    Can you post the version for MAC……

  16. ash aljumail says:


  17. abcdefg says:

    can you fix the link pls?

  18. Noxis says:

    The link doesn’t work anymore πŸ™

  19. NelliX^9 says:

    God Of Cracking Software

  20. Michael says:

    thanks for all your hard work on this!
    can you export in mp3 file in this?

  21. George thomas says:

    Thank you so much sir…
    can you plz upload cubase essentials for windows…

  22. DJ Dank says:

    Please for Mac.

  23. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the awesome work lad! I need it for Mac please!!

  24. maaay says:

    Admin please post Pro Tools for Mac pleaaaase

  25. dan says:

    can you pls also drop it for Mac. Thx Mate guys you are awsome

  26. MB says:

    I get an error trying to install the software it says
    “Error 1309. Error reading from file: C:\Users\…\downloads\…\Pro_Tools_12.5_Avid\02STEP\…\AS-02_Shim_DNxHD_110X_720p_29.97.xml. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it. ”
    what do I Do???

  27. Dez says:

    Thanks man for the Gift. I really appreciate it!!! This Really helps me get boost into what I need. Using all resources available!!!

  28. TomcioPaluch says:

    Admin please Studio One 4.5 for WIN

  29. noa says:

    for mac pleaseeeeeeee

  30. ARC says:

    NEED for Mac! so happy you guys have helped me out as a producer a ton <3

  31. jacob thosago says:

    Can U Pleeeeeeeeeeese Upload Mac

  32. nawiro says:


  33. S says:

    You’re a demigod of a person. Please post for MAC!

  34. ARC says:

    Just going to join the bandwagon, definitely need for Mac!

  35. Jabbathebum says:

    Does this not come with core plugins? I can’t get my click track to work.

  36. SUERIYA says:


  37. Kvngjeezy says:

    Can you please post Pro Tools for Mac please!!!! Win is having too much fun lol

  38. wellwell says:

    Please pro tools mac , I fully support the cause

  39. Lord Jamar says:

    Mac ?

  40. leoQ says:

    i have problem in this download

  41. check says:

    download link not working πŸ™

  42. Steve Mikel Coasaca Lucana says:

    I can’t download this :c

  43. jen says:

    download link is not working πŸ™

  44. Big D says:

    Peace Love & Light

    Thank you and your team for the great work and your time.
    Are you guys any closer to getting this for Mac users?

  45. bruno says:

    download link is not working again

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