Output Portal (Mac)

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Output Portal (Mac)

July 21, 2019 Compressors delay Delay Effects Mac Output Reverb Synths VST 21
  • Output Portal
  • Output 
  • V 1.0.1
  • 64-bit VSTi/VST3/AAX and AU (Component)
  • OSx 12 or later
  • Instructions: Attached.


21 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Arcade for Mac Please

    • Robin Felici says:

      arcade is based on a subscription plan, plus it’s 10€ a month, i understand you can’t afford 150, 200€ or 300€ for a vst but I bet you would spend 10€ at mcdonald’s, or for a gram of weed lol.
      By cracking EVERYTHING you are destroying your own industry.


      • PBld says:

        Yes, THANKS. We are now in a place where everything HAS to be free. But how would YOU feel if your work was available for free everywhere and everytime ? And, would you be okay if food in supermarket was offered for free ? If anything from the music store was free too ? Today, the only thing I think would be better if it was free for everyone is Health Care (physical AND mental), but let’s be honest : it is actually smuggling to much money the way it is.

        Never forget : work pays more than stealing.

  2. Mr. Random says:

    This is like finding a huge treasure after a long hike 🙂 Thank you guys! Creativity boost @ 200% thanks to this site!

  3. Dax says:

    Dear Admin! Is It Possible To Share?
    ULTIMATE TRAILER SOUND EFFECTS ( Bluezone Corporation )

  4. delvid says:

    Hello admin,
    Thank you so so so so much for PORTAL.

    Can you guys crack VSL SYNCHRON-ized DIMENSION STRINGS BUNDLE Please….
    Thank you


  5. TomP22 says:

    Hey thanks for everything!
    Could you post a different link for ozone for Mac? It’s only working for WIN.

    Thank You!!

  6. paul says:

    es maravilloso..!!!! podrías subir Captain chords?


  7. Crixus111 says:

    Amigo, quiero donarte dinero. Saludos desde Latinoamerica y espero se pueda hacer esa donación. TEAMO

  8. Roberto says:

    Can you add softube complete blunded please

  9. Ben says:

    Hi, thanks very much for this! Im getting prompted for a password…any help is appreciated, thanks!

  10. Iwiss says:

    Aye Man this is Awesome!!!! Question is there anyway you can get “Captain Chords” ???

  11. cesar says:

    nothing works on Catalina 🙁 F* Mac

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